But the story is not defenitlely finished yet.
In cooperation with the ecitior Bruno Gmünder we proudly present an illustrated book of our project.

95 pages of pure "Alpine Erotica" in the typical MEN IN THE ALPS style... to remember the last years and to keep it in Your bookshelf. And also usable as one attractive gift for Your friends. And the best: We sell the book of course in the name of charity.

MEN IN THE ALPS collected more for nine years than 120.000 EUR (approx. 163.000 USD) of donations

The 26th of June was officially the last day of the MEN IN THE ALPS project. In a traditional inn near Bolzano we organized a small but fine farewell party with typical tyrolean meals and drinks. And the last time we were proud to overhand thre donation cheques to "our" associations: two times 8.000 EUR (10.900 USD) to debra-South Tyrol ("Butterfly children") and Aids Help Desk Munich and one time 4.000 EUR (5.500 USD) to pro positiv.

We would like to thank all the people, especially our models, that made possible our project. But the warmest thank is dedicated to our clients that brought our charity calendar to a big international success.

Good bye to everybody‼!
Peter Viehweider and Gerhard Zanetti


The new Edition 2014 is ready!

It's time to say goodbye ...But don't be sad. The last edition of MEN IN THE ALPS is an explosure of colours and international greeting, hot guys on funny and hot pics. We invite You to have a look on our video-clips of this year. We hope, You will enjoy them!


20,000 EUR (26.400 USD) of donations

The edition 2013 is sold out! With the donations we will support this year the associations DEBRA ("Butterfly children") with 6,000 EUR, ProPositiv – Aids Help Desk South Tyrol with 4,000 EUR and the "Muenchner Aidshilfe e.V." (Aids Help Desk Munich) with 6,000 EUR. Furthermore we handed over 4,000 EUR to the Graus Family in Afens (near Sterzing in South Tyrol) which farmhouse was destroyed by a landslide last year.

A warm thank to You all that supported MEN IN THE ALPS with buying our calendar!

Presenation of our new charity calendar MEN IN THE ALPS 2013

Please find here some impressions of our presentation event with friends and fans that took place on September, 28 2012 in the "Garage 61" at Appiano/Eppan.

MEN IN THE ALPS presents and celebrates the new Edition 2013

  • on September, 28th 2012 (from 7 p.m.)
  • in the GARAGE 61, Handwerkerstraße 13, Eppen


We will present:

  • the new calendar and some of our amateur models,
  • the video-clip "Don't stop me now" (made by Martin Pichler) featuring our models,
  • a Fiat 500-PlayStation,
  • music by DJ Franco Vallone.

With our project we support the associations DEBRA, Pro Positiv and Munich AIDS-Help desk, as well as the family Graus from Avens (Pfitsch-Valley) that lost their home by a mudslide during heavy thunderstorms at the beginning of August this year.

21,000 EUR (25,800 USD) of donations for DEBRA, Pro Positiv and the Munich AIDS Help Desk.

We proudly inform You, that we handed over three donation cheques of 7,000 EUR (8,600 USD) each to the charity associations of DEBRA ("Butterfly children"), Pro Positiv (AIDS-Help Desk South Tyrol) and "Munich AIDS Help Desk". Within 2006 and 2012 we collected 80,300 EUR (98,400 USD) of donations with our project. There of 48,000 EUR (59,000 USD) where used in the field of AIDS prevention, and 32,000 EUR (39,400 USD) where donated to the association DEBRA to support the scientifical research of Epidermolysis bullosa.

In the name of the our charity associations we warmly thank to all of you that made possible the big success of MEN IN THE ALPS.

Hot summer, hot cars, hot men: Shootings for den 2013 edition of MEN IN THE ALPS

The new edition of MEN IN THE ALPS will be ready in a few weeks! In the meanwhile we give you some impressions of our shootings, the models and the work on the set. Please have a look on our Making of videos and have fun!

Lots of attractive future MEN IN THE ALPS!

On Saturday, March 7th the latest Casting for MEN IN THE ALPS took place at Bolzano. A big number of aspirants from South Tyrol, Italy, Austria and Bavaria have shown up at the severe jury. The most attracitve of them were engaged immediately as amateur modles for our charity calendar and the shootings during summer. Please find some impressions of our casting in this clip! > CASTING-CLIP on Youtube

Clip made by Tamburlaine > Facebook-Profile

If You like to participate as amateur model please contact us. > Models wanted

Erotic Astrology

On the 6th of October, the traditional Fall MEN IN THE ALPS event took place at the Bistro Reinisch in Bolzano. Together with friends, supporters, press representatives, and our models, we celebrated with an Alpine buffet and great music from Sepp Messner-Windschnur and Jason.

The high point of the evening was the handing-over of two donation checks of over 7,000 EUR (9,600 USD) each to the representatives of the organizations DEBRA South Tyrol and PRO POSITIVE South Tyrol AIDS-Help. And naturally, we also introduced the new 2012 Edition, which is dedicated entirely to erotic astrology.

A heart-felt thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and who have supported our project with their contributions (calendar sales and auction). And an especial thank you to all of the organizers, everything in advance by Barbara Zanetti and Johanna Viehweider, the Höller Mali for the Krapfen doughnuts and the entire crew of the Bistro Reinisch.

The new Edition 2012 is coming!

You can just order Your copy of the new edition of MEN IN THE ALPS 2012 - the zodiac edition on this website (Delivery from October, 1st).

This year, 21 amateur models from South Tyrol, Italy, Austria and Bavaria participated on our project. With them, all beautiful and full of enthusiasm, we realised really good pictures following the main theme of this year: the zodiacal signs. Please see some impressions in our galleries.

By the way: On October, 6th we will take a small welcome party for the new edition at Bolzano. Furthermore we will hand over two donation cheques (each of 7,000 EUR) to DEBRA and PRO POSITIV. Shortly we will give details on the party, but, please, prenote this day already now in Your calendar.

New donations record!

With the 2011 edition we reached a new donations record: 21,000 EUR (approx. 29,700 USD)! In May and June we will proudly overhand three donation cheques (of 7,000 EUR each) to  DEBRA, Pro Positiv and the Aids-Help Desk in Munich.

A warm thank to You all that You made possible this big success!

A big thank to You all! ... and: Happy New Year!

In the name of the associations Debra, Pro Positiv (Aids Help Desk South Tyrol) and Aids Help Munich (donation receivers) as well as in the name of all our models we would like to thank You for the big success of MEN IN THE ALPS 2011. We already work on the new edition and hope that You will support us next year again. And please let us know if You would like to participate as amateur model!

In the gallery You can see some pics of our presentation events in Vienna (Austria), Verona (Italy) and on the Renon (South Tyrol). A warm thank to Richard Marik, Enrico Monese and the crews of "Zentis" and "Marry me".

Presentation of the new Calendar at Bolzano

The new Edition 2011 of our calendar was presentated on Septemer, 30th at the "Raiffeisenbar" at Bolzano. More than 200 people joint the charity event, that was organized by the crew of the bar for MEN IN THE ALPS. At the end of the evening 2.000 EUR were collected for the two associations DEBRA (Butterfly children) and PRO POSITV (Aids Help Desk South Tyrol). A warm to everybody for Your generous help!